Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action has arrived, stop thinking and go in.
- Napoleon

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Random Thoughts

WTF? Who got coffee on my Caps Lock key?* :grumble: Umm, it was me, but I don't remember doing it, and it's irritating.

In other news, I've restarted my mission to get healthier. I'm back on my 1300-1400 calorie a day diet, and I'm exercising again. This means: A) I'm hungry, and B) I'm sore. On the upside, my jeans are already starting to feel more comfortable. Yesterday's workout was a killer - for me, anyway. We (my daughter and I) only exercised for about 20 minutes, but we went through a range of things, and now I'm feeling the burn. Push-ups are evil, btw. And if you've never walked up and down stairs for a few minutes straight, you probably aren't familiar with how necessary your quads are for things like standing up and sitting down. Somebody slather me with Aspercreme.

Did anyone else get the Dilbert daily desk calendar for Christmas? I love Dilbert, but so far this year, the comics are lame. Last week was all about Scott Adams getting trapped in the strip, and while it should've been funny, it just wasn't. Here's hoping they pick up later in the year. I still have pages from a Dilbert calendar I had back in Michigan - they were that funny.

Due to hubby's ongoing computer problems, and daughter's online classes, my computer time is seriously curtailed. First thing in the morning and late at night are the best time slots for me to accomplish anything, which means if you don't see a post here in the morning, you may not see one. The limited time at night means I need to utilize every bit for work.

Which is my way of saying that, yes, I am writing again. Not new words, but I am working my way through Nano. Still loving the story, but as I go through the story trying to pick up where I left off, I can see some things that I definitely need to fix. Right now, I'm just making notes in red whenever I find something, as well as changing typos as I see them. I'll reserve the real editing for when I finally finish the book.

You know, the last couple autumns I burned up the keyboard. First I wrote Blink in the fall of '06, and then I wrote RTL in the fall of '07. The fall of '08? I got partway through Nano. :grrr: I'm such a slacker. And spring is usually my slow time. Not this year. I got work to do. If the mid-winter blahs try to catch me this year, I'm just going to have to kick the shit out of them.

Speaking of Blink, I still need to re-write the beginning, but after I get done with that, I'm going to be looking for readers. It's a speculative (i.e. dystopic, futuristic - think Hunger Games or Fahrenheit 451 or Anthem) that should appeal to YA as well as adult readers. And I'll be looking for Nano readers as soon as I get this sucker finished.

Anyhoo, work calls. What random thoughts do you have today?

*Turns out it wasn't coffee. It was grapefruit. Daughter dear ate one when she was doing Physics and it squirted. She's been properly chastised. ;o)


Kristen Painter said...

Ah yes, welcome to the land of sore and hungry. lol Good to hear you're writing again - me too!

Wendy Roberts said...

I'm sore and hungry and I'm not dieting or exercising :/ Maybe they're sympathy pains lol! Good luck with the writing!