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- Napoleon

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Helping Writers in Need

This morning I read about a tragic loss a writer couple sustained recently. James and Livia Reasoner lost almost everything in a house fire - many of their pets, their home, their library, their research materials, their WIPs (which were on the computers they lost) - and the rally call has been made asking anyone to help in any way they can. I'll be putting together a small shipment of books to send.

The thought of such a thing sends me into shudders of terror. I'm backing everything to Google today (most everything is there already, except for the recent edits and my WIP). If you don't have an internet site to back your data up to, get a gmail account. You have to be invited, but I have several invitations left, so if I know you from either your stopping here or my stopping by your blog, ask me for one. (I can only make this offer to people I at least know online, so if I don't know you, sorry.)

The other night we went to bed and as we lay there trying to fall asleep, all I could smell was smoke. We got up walked around the house, felt the walls, looked for tell-tale signs, and nothing. Turns out it was the neighbor's fireplace. Love the smell of woodsmoke, but for a few minutes there, I was thinking of ways to get my stuff out of the house before it went up. Pictures of me carting armfuls of books out of the house, while trying to get my computer unplugged and safely out to the car, while finding the cat, while grabbing my photoalbums... It was a nightmare. I'm so sorry the Reasoners had to go through it for real.

If there's anything you can do to help these fellow writers, please step up and try. If they get more books than they know what to do with, they can always sell them and buy the books they want.


Wendy Roberts said...

Very scary!

JenWriter said...

That's terrible. I would like to send some books to them as well. I can't imagine how it would feel to lose everything, especially the literature that I love so much.