Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action has arrived, stop thinking and go in.
- Napoleon

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lesson #5178

Don't stop writing once you start a project.

I knew this. I thought I'd learned it well. But apparently I didn't. I took the other night to get reacquainted with Nano after a month away from it. Guess what?

I can't remember where I was headed, and I don't have the notes I thought I made of the plots points I already figured out. Oh sure, I know the general direction, but the path between here and there has been obliterated by the passage of time. Wiped out. Kaput.


I might just see if I can rekindle Cut & Dried while Nano simmers for a while.

Meanwhile, I'm working on my submission materials for Manhunter. Once my CP and betas get me their notes, and I fix whatever needs fixing, this sucker is going out into the world. I'm looking at the end of the summer - which should coincide with responses on the full and on the partial for RTL. If either of the lovely ladies want RTL, they both represent suspense as well, so they'll love Manhunter. (Especially when I tell them it's in the bag and ready to go. Agents love prolific clients... Right?)

Anyway, I'm off to re-read C&D. Wish me luck. Something in this head of mine has to break free soon. I'm going nuts not writing.

(okay, so maybe the lesson isn't #5178, but it feels like it. :wink:)

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