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- Napoleon

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Twelve Days...

Okay. It's Christmas Eve, and by now everyone is sick of listening to the Twelve Days of Christmas. I mean, seriously, how many times can you say 'and a partridge in a pear tree' without wanting to beat yourself with a rolling pin?

So, to break up the monotony of hearing the same repetitive song a bazillion times, I offer you the following (and sorry, I couldn't get the youtube videos to embed):

The McKenzie Brothers doing their version of the Twelve Days of Christmas. If you're not familiar with the brothers, it's a Canadian thing. After living in the Upper Peninsula for some many years (it's like Canada-lite), this song is one of those goofy things that makes me happy. Oh, and somebody took the time to animate this version, which is a hoot.

If that's not your thing, and you are really up to your neck in the tribulations of the season, maybe The Twelve Pains of Christmas will give you a little solace. (Or at least a little empathy.)

If you're too traumatized to listen to even a spoof of the Twelve Days, try out Adam Sandler's Christmas Song. Or if Christmas isn't your thing, you can listen to his Chanukah Song.

Or for those of you who've been really bad (not me, of course, I've been extra super good) there's always the idea that You Ain't Gettin' Diddly Squat. ;o)

And for the infidel, Achmed the Dead Terrorist sings Jingle Bombs.

Heard any funny Christmas songs lately? Share them in the comments.

Merry Christmas Everyone.



Debs said...

Wonderful post!

Wishing you a fab Christmas and 2009. x

Kristen Painter said...

Merry Christmas! I still like the Straight No Chaser version, but I'm not much for silly Christmas songs.