Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action has arrived, stop thinking and go in.
- Napoleon

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Playing Catch Up

I knew this would happen. Twelve days in and I'm 1100 words behind on my goal. That's what comes of taking Tuesday off (and not because it was Veterans Day - it snowed like 9 inches, so after shoveling on and off all morning I was wiped out). Of course, taking last Friday off didn't help either. (I don't remember why.)

Yesterday I was talking to my mother, and we were discussing the fact that my sisters told my daughter I NEVER did any chores when we were growing up. True, I wasn't the best little helper as a kid, but never is stretching it. I didn't like chores, and if my two older sisters were around to do them, I guess I wriggled out of it more often than not. What they neglected to remember is that after both of them moved out, I was the go-to gal for all things domestic. (Mom's worked since I was five and is still going strong.) But I digress... as usual. The part of the conversation that pertains here is my admission that I was profoundly lazy back then.

As we all know, old habits are hard to break. I have left the 'profoundly' part behind, but I'm still basically lazy. If I don't break out the whip and make myself sit in this chair to write, it just doesn't get done. Regardless of whatever other reasons I may have had for the days off I took, behind it all is the fact that I just didn't get up off the damn couch and write.

Which means now I'm playing catch-up. (It's not playing with ketchup, but it looks just as gruesome from where I'm sitting.) I have to complete an average of 1730 words a day for the rest of the month if I want to hit my goal of 50K. Not really that much more than the 1667 it would've taken anyway, but it means no more days off. No more excuses, or the catching up will get so much worse. One day missed adds means I'd have to add another 100 words a day to my average. Miss a second day? Add another 120. It's a vicious mathematical vortex. (Was it the Scylla or Charybdis that was the whirlpool? Either way it's not good.)

I know 100 extra words doesn't sound that bad, but when you're fighting the pull of extreme laziness, a hundred words feels like a chapter.

So, this morning I am recommitting myself (hard to type with a straightjacket... LOL) to the endeavor. I will have Nano finished by December 1st, and if that doesn't get me the 50K, I have several other novels waiting for my attention. I can do it.

At least, I think I can.

How are your words coming this month? If you're not doing NNWM, or NaNo, or Sven, did you set yourself a goal?

If you do set goals, do you kick yourself when you fall short? I know I do, which is why I'm not a big goal-setter.


Kristen Painter said...

After forcing myself to vacuum this morning, I'm about to write. I really, really need to have a productive day so I'm wishing us both good writing!

JenWriter said...

I was doing great the first two days of Sven, but I wrote 25 words yesterday. I have no excuse. I just wasted time watching TV.

Kristin B said...

I'm doing okay--500 words behind today, but I know I can push past that if I really try. The great thing is, I have chores to do today--the house is a wreck, as I've been home & awake a total of 5 hours this week (no lie). And I meant to do chores this morning.

But I want to write. Probably because I DON'T want to clean. So I figure NaNo is the perfect excuse to be lazy in one respect, at least. If The Husband wonders why the house is still falling apart around us, I'll just say, "But honey, I needed to write!" =)