Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action has arrived, stop thinking and go in.
- Napoleon

Sunday, June 3, 2007

10000 Pageviews

I was just checking out my stats (btw, Google Analytics rocks), and I noticed I've reached 10 thousand pageviews. So, in honor of this momentous milestone, I'm going to hold a drawing.

Each new commenter between this post and my posting time on Friday, June 8th will be entered into a drawing for their choice of the following books:

On Writing by Stephen King


Agents, Editors and You from Writer's Digest Books

(If you're not interested in either, let me know and we'll work something out.)

Unfortunately, I can only ship to people in the United States. My apologies to my friends in the UK, and my visitors from all over the world. If you'd like to comment anyway, just let me know you're from another country, and I'll keep your name out of the drawing.

Thanks everyone who stopped by. I hope you keep coming back.

(Caveat: Because I run a bookstore, if the book you want comes up out of stock, you'll get a gracious apology and a comparably priced book from my store.)


Wendy Roberts said...

Well damn. I have both books AND I'm from Canada :/

HOWEVER, I'm happy to have added to your pageviews LOL!

B.E. Sanderson said...

Ack! You know, I don't know what the postage rules are to Canada any more. It used to be like mailing domestic, but the USPS is so squonky sometimes. I'll check it out.

Thanks, Wendy. I'm glad you're stopping by. =oD

Janimé said...

Wow! Congratulations!

I've not yet broken 2K :)

I don't think I need any books on writing, so don't worry about that part. I just wanted to say "WAY TO GO!"

B.E. Sanderson said...

Thanks, Jan. I think I have a lovely sewing book you might like. If you win, we'll talk about it. =o)

I'm just a blog-cial butterfly. I leave a lot of comments, and people follow me over. Of course, I'm also a chatty-cathy sometimes, so it helps.

KingM said...

Enter witty comment here. :)

Came here from seeing your post on Nathan Bransford's blog, BTW, and recognizing the name. Actually, I think I might have met you once at a science fiction convention. But I'm having a hard time pinning down the details. It was either on the West Coast or in Providence. Or, I might be out of my gourd.

B.E. Sanderson said...

You're probably not out of your gourd, but it wasn't me. I haven't taken the opportunity to attend any conferences yet. Someday down the road.

Welcome to my blog anyway, and I hope you stop by again sometime. =o)