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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Linkage Friday Plus One

I completely forgot yesterday was Friday. Ack. And it was such a productive week on the web, too. So without further ado...

ALERT: Lynn Viehl has some irritating news at her blog Paperback Writer. It seems some people aren't playing fair, and they're dumping addresses into her contests (presumably to tip the scales toward themselves so they can win.) Personally, I think this behavior is pathetic. If you're so hard up you have to win books because you can't afford to buy them, maybe you better think about how much money you're spending on internet access, and proceed accordingly. Feh. So, if you host contests, be on the lookout for scammers.

And in happier news...

Erica explains her methods and reasoning for using Story Boards. It looks like a solid system - very intuitive and very well organized. So if you're looking for a way to keep all of the elements of your story together and keep track of everything in an easier way than trying to store it all in your head, check her post out. And for back-up on this idea, check out how Diana Peterfreund does it in her post Brand New Plotting Board.

Over at Manuscript Mavens, the guest blogger is novelist Kimberly Llewellyn talks about The Secrets of Romantic Comedy. If you write or are thinking about writing anything even slightly comedic, this is a must read.

The awesome Allison Brennan talks about Loglines over at Murder She Writes.

Or if you're slogging through the business of creating a synopsis, head over and commiserate with Laura Bradford in her post The Synopsis Heave.

Check out the awesome book trailer for Wendy Roberts. Way to go Wendy! It looks awesome. Perfectly creepy. Good job. And the new site is gorgeous.

Oh, and Rachel Vincent is trying to decide on a new author picture for her books - Because I Like New Toys. The new toy is a blog survey on which picture you like best. If you've got a second stop by and help her out. I think they're all beautiful, but I picked A.

So, what's up in your blogosphere this week?

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