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- Napoleon

Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday Linkage

I'm playing with the idea of making Friday a day to strictly post links to sites and blogs I think would be of interest to my visitors. For some reason, Fridays never draw much traffic anyway, and it would provide some useful information for readers, as well as much deserved link-love to my online acquiantances, friends and blog-buddies.

Luckily, this week was a gold mine of information.

First off, I know I linked to a post by Erica Ridley over at Manuscript Mavens, but this whole week the gals at MM devoted their posts to criticism and critiques. All of the posts are well worth reading.

Next, I'll swing over to Diana Peterfreund, where all week she's been answering questions posed to her by her blog readers.

Another must-read in the blogosphere this week was Allison Brennan's post on Self-Editing 101 over at Murder She Writes.

I'd also like to send out a little link-love to a couple of new commenters: WordVixen from Quest to Write and Travis Erwin over at One Word, One Rung, One Day. Welcome to The Writing Spectacle guys. I'm glad you're around.

Also in blog news, the group blog I belong to - The Novel Racers - is growing by leaps and bounds. I've been remiss and haven't updated the links to all the competitors' sites here on my blog, but please take some time and wander through the list of contributors. (All their names are linked to their own blogs, and they're worth a good read.)

I know I'm missing a lot of good posts from this week, so if you'd be so kind, leave a good post from this week in the comment chain.

And I'm spent.

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WordVixen said...

Aw- thanks for the link-love. :) I've been meaning to look into the novel racers thing. I haven't had a chance yet, but it looks interesting.