Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action has arrived, stop thinking and go in.
- Napoleon

Friday, August 31, 2007

Decisions Decisions

If you stopped by looking for Linkage Friday, I'm sorry. Not that there weren't some really awesome blogs this week, but I've decided to push Linkage Friday back again, and maybe permanently. (Linkage Saturday? Sunday? We'll see.)

Instead, I'd like you all to help me out with a quandry I'm having. With Spectacle and Blink off to the betas and proofers, I'm a little at loose ends. Oh, I'm still planning on editing AWJ, but the way I do things is work on one project weeknights and another on weekends. Right now, editing AWJ is one project, but I don't have anything else set to go up next. That's where you come in.*

Below is a list of potential projects. I love them all, and I could work on any of them now, but I can't choose which one I like best. So, I'm going to have you give me your preferences and see how that effects my choice.

First off, I have Redemption (ya, I know, but it's just a working title). "After receiving the news of his impending death, and billionaire decides on one final and glorious invention--a working submarine colony to save a select group of people from what he perceives as mankind's destruction of the world." The plan is for it to be told in three parts. Part one will be the building of the vessel and the choosing of the crew. Part two will show life about the sub. Part three will show what happens when, after 150 years, the submarine surfaces.

Next, I have Nano. "After a government plan to microchip U.S. citizens is put into place, important people begin mysteriously dying. When one doctor discovers the microchip has been programmed to cause coronary failure on command, he must find the culprits and stop the plot before he becomes the next victim."

Finally, I have a cute mystery that's been floating around the backburner, kicking me in the head to be written. Kind of a funny Spillane or Gardner. A no-nonsense female PI, spunky but with heart. I'd give you more, but then I'd lose my hook. Ya know?

I've made in-roads into all three stories, but the one that's fleshed out the best is the first. All three of them are going to need extensive plotting though. Can't pants my way out of any of these.

So, a commercial novel with speculative tendencies or a techno-thriller or a mystery. Or should I go way out on a limb, throw out all three and write either a literary novel I have floating around or a YA? Hmmm... or I could always finish that romance I started years ago.

This is one of those rare cases when I have too many ideas and the mountain is threatening to avalanche on my head. Any suggestions?

*Of course, I reserve the right to take all of your suggestions and go off on my own, but I am sincerely looking for some input right now.


liz fenwick said...

Tou have to write what is bursting from your heart most...from my point as I'm reading a mystery at the moment that appeals most but you must write what your heart wants to write:-) Good luck.

Alex Adams said...

What Liz said. They all sound fab to be. I really love the title "Redemption."

Janimé said...

I pick Nano. Yeah, yeah, I know you've gone with Redemption already. And it sounds good too.

I didn't read this until today (family and projects kept me off the computer most of the weekend).