Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action has arrived, stop thinking and go in.
- Napoleon

Sunday, November 11, 2007


...love was such an easy game to play... Umm, sorry.

Anyway, I took yesterday off. Nine straight days of writing, and a day off. That's not horrible of me, right? Instead I spent yesterday reading Darkyn #3, watching college football, and just generally vegging out. Hell, I didn't even cook dinner.

Of course, now I feel guilty. I neglected the blog, the book, and my family. Thank goodness both of them can cook. (My family, that is - the blog and the book just laid there.)

The blog, I guess, isn't such a big deal. After all, my stats invariably drop on the weekends. (I guess I'm one of the few who surf then.) So writing long, in-depth and insightful posts on Saturdays is something of a waste of time. It's not like people go back over my old posts on Mondays to see what I said.

My main source of guilt is the writing. I'm close to the end of R2L. The story is almost over. I think I'll miss it when I'm done, but that really isn't any reason to keep from writing it. (It's also not a reason to throw more stuff in the book just to keep the story from ending - which I thought about, believe me.) I like my characters, but I've subjected them to enough and the time really is approaching to wrap this up and give them the HEA (happily ever after) they deserve.

I'm planning on pulling out the stops today. Stay away from football, don't start Darkyn #4, stay out of the kitchen (I forgot, yesterday I made pecan-walnut streusel coffee cake. It's just a recipe I created from combining a few other recipes, and it's to die for... But I digress, again.) - butt in chair, hands on keyboard, mug-full of coffee at elbow, and WRITE.

Now, if I can just keep my cat off my desk...


spyscribbler said...

I don't get many visitors on the weekend, not to mention not many people post. I like this, though, because I can catch up on my blog-reading!

Good luck in the final stretch of R2L!

WordVixen said...

I tend to not get many visitors on the weekends either, though I do read them if I'm not busy.

However, I do read back posts until I'm caught up!

B.E. Sanderson said...

Thanks, WordVixen. I didn't mean to slight anyone. I just didn't think anyone was bothering.