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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Job Titles

In keeping with this week's 'title' theme (See: Title Contest and Goofy Title Contest), I got to thinking about some of the job titles I've held over the years. True, I don't have a title any more (since I don't have a paying job any more), but between the ages of 11 and 34, I worked a lot of jobs.

Not every job has an official title. During my stints on different farms - I guess I was a farm worker - I did all sorts of stuff without a title to go with it. I could've been called a stall mucker, a fruit and/or vegetable picker, a tractor driver, a foal gentler (fun job, btw - I was the person who got the foals used to human contact), and if I stretched it, a equine exercise specialist - which is to say, I took a lead and the horses in a little circle with me at the center (better known as lunging, if I remember correctly). When I worked at a dog kennel, I was both a kennel cleaner and a dog washer/walker.

Sometimes, we have fun with job titles. For instance, when my sisters worked as housekeepers at a hospital, they referred to themselves as Environmental Engineers. Or when I worked for a company where I was basically the catch-all for anything that needed to be done in the office, I could've called myself Chief Cook and Bottle-washer.

Of all the real titles I've had, the longest was Executive Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Operations. Try fitting that on a business card. Heh. And the shortest, I think, was Auditor. (One letter shorter than my short stint as 'Waitress'.) I think the one I liked the best was Executive Secretary to the President. Made me feel sort of "Hail to the Chief, he's your buddy and neighbor". The hardest title to explain to folks - even now - was Manufacturers' Representative. Try telling people you rep manufacturers of electronic components, and they start asking you about equalizers and speakers. (I lived with a guy for two years who never did quite get what I did for a living.)

And now, I am a writer. Not really a job title. More like a lifestyle. What I'd really like to see next to my name, maybe on a business card of the future: "Bestselling Novelist". ;o)

What's your current job title? What would you like it to be? And tell me what are some job titles you've had?

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