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- Napoleon

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Still Here

Hi. Yes, I admit I've been lax. I didn't even realize until today that I hadn't blogged since Wednesday. I wish I could say I've been busy. I have been busier than usual with the start of school and personal matters, but that really isn't an excuse. I could claim that reading The Pillars of Earth is taking up my time (it is a huge book, btw), but that's just lame.

What have I been doing? Ummm.... reading. playing poker. watching the Olympics. feeling bleh. doing school. editing this damn book that feels like I'll never get it right. stressing over the writing biz. You know the drill.

Anyway, the only things I've thought were blog worthy would've ended up in a rant, and after a while reading nothing but rants gets old. (So does writing them.)

I did get a post out over at my homeschool blog. If you're looking for scholarship opportunities, head on over to Home Ed Musings. Even if your kids are in public school. Every penny helps when it comes to paying for college.

In other news (specifically pertaining to RTL), I got a rejection from a query I sent in April. They apologized quite nicely for the delay, and they thought my premise was interesting. But it was still a NO. I also got another request for partial, but she asked that I not send it until mid-September. So, I've got that going for me. (Yes, that last statement was said with Bill Murray and Caddyshack in mind.) I still have a full and a partial out, but they both said they'd probably get back to me in September. Next month should be busy, at least.

Manhunter is still waiting on feedback from my beta readers and CP. Nano is in limbo. Justice is plugging along, but has problems I'm not sure I can fix at this time. Oh, and I still have one submission for Spectacle sitting in a publisher's slushpile.

What's up in your world? I noticed I'm not the only blogger who's been absent lately, so I assume everyone is either like me, or actually busy.

Oh, and a piece of news in case you hadn't heard. The Fog City Divas aren't going to be blogging any more. That's right, Dishing With The Divas will soon join the ranks of Miss Snark and The Literary Chicks and Squawk Radio. I'm sad to see them go. Fortunately, you can still catch Alison Brennan and Karin Tabke over at Murder She Writes - plus both of them have their own personal blogs.

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JenWriter said...

Yay for another partial request! September will be here before you know it.