Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action has arrived, stop thinking and go in.
- Napoleon

Friday, August 8, 2008

Blog Makeover

You know the old saying about changing the things you can, right? Well, since there's very little I can change about what's been happening in my life, I can at least change my blog. ;o) Soooo, I'm trying out a new blog look. Maybe the fresh new look will give me a fresh new attitude.

Can't hurt, eh?

Seriously. Last night, I started writing a big huge post about how looking at the positive things in life can help when things are starting to get negative around you. Then something negative happened (don't worry, no one died or anything - what happened is depressing and discouraging, but not fatal). Needless to say, blogging about being Cheery Mary-Sunshine flew right down the crapper

Also needless to say, as a result, my attitude flew down with it.

Maybe the happy post will be posted after I retrieve my attitude.

Oh, and the contests that weren't? I'm almost inclined to say that since only three people bothered, no one wins, but that would be a shitty thing to do to those three people, so instead, I'll just extend the contest. (And to make it up to the three commenters, their names will go into the hat twice so they get better odds.) Now, you have until Wednesday the 13th to enter.

So, if you're inclined please go to Monday's and Tuesday's posts to enter. Just for fun, I'll up the ante, too. Whoever wins Monday's contest will get a book of their choice, PLUS an ARC I picked up yesterday. (I'm not telling which. It's a surprise.)

1 comment:

Travis Erwin said...

Sorry I haven't been commenting lately. To save time I do most of my blog reading via google reader and have cut way down on commenting in order to get my queries out the door.

I did see your contest but I couldn't think of any good or even funny suggestions so I didn't chime in.

I like the new look.