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- Napoleon

Friday, April 4, 2008

Weird Searches

Hello. It's once again time for the weird and wonderful ways people find my blog. Most of the searches that bring people here are writing related. You know, people doing research on writing and agents, looking for ways to improve their craft, etc.

And then there are the weird ones...

This month's weirdest searches were:

spanking - I don't know why you were here, but I'm not into that. (Except in the case of naughty children, but let's not get into that debate.)

"hit head" "wet burrito" - This brings to mind a whole series of hilarious images.

pseudonym for brown noser suck up - I think the word this person was looking for was 'synonym'. Use a thesaurus. And a dictionary. Please. (On the upside, at least they spelled pseudonym right.)

what is pmmd? - In my world, PMMD stands for Post Manuscript Malaise Disorder. (I don't know what it stands for otherwise.) It's a little thing I made up to describe that feeling you get when you just finished writing a book. Sometimes there's a little bit of a lost feeling that comes after you just spent 6 weeks typing furiously to get a book finished and before you're ready to either start another book or edit the one you just finished. It's not contagious, and it's not fatal.

plum tuckered - This one keeps coming back. It means dog tired, whooped, bushed, beat, exhausted... You get the picture. It just says it in a more colorful way. Maybe I picked this up those couple years I spent living in north Florida. (Which is not really Florida, but more like Georgia-lite.)

Finally, I seem to be getting an overwhelming number of searches related to the chocolate cake recipe I posted a while back. Welcome to the site, fellow chocolate lovers!

So, tell me some of the weirdest ways people find your blog, and what are some of your most popular non-writing posts?


JenWriter said...

Yeah, I get weird searches sometimes.

I've gotten: "is edward muscular or not twilight" which amuses me.

Also: "ugly and boyish" which I hope isn't saying something about me.

And my favorite: "casting a spell to pass my class!" Sorry, wish I could help you there.

Alex Adams said...

"Wet burrito"??? The mind absolutely boggles. I just don't want to know. :D

WordVixen said...

Hm... Pseudonym for brown nose suck up could be an accurate search. There are certainly a lot of brown nosing suck ups in the writing world- though I can't imagine one being willing to use a pseudonym.

I think my most popular post is the one where I complained about not knowing how to add WordPress to my HostGator account. Apparently I'm not the only one who had that trouble. But I think my favorite search result was a search for "pigslap". I've had some doozies, but that was my favorite.

Travis Erwin said...

I've had some weird ones, but my most frequent blog search comes from those searching for the lyrics to, Oh Susanna!

Diseases in bulldopg penis's also links to me.

Janimé said...

I was reading just yesterday that one indicator that your blog might have been hacked is weird search words showing up.

It was in the context of a big hack that happened recently to a slew of blogs that are authored with WordPress(I think it was).

And it was also in the context of folks who use things like AdSense to generate income.

So I doubt your site's been hacked - just wanted to mention it as something to look out for.

"Wet burrito" though - I don't know. Do you have any posts about Cabo's Tacos?