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- Napoleon

Friday, December 8, 2006

Writing Update #1

Well, I got my first rejection from a literary journal. It wasn't an unexpected thing, so I'm not crushed. I got used to rejections after the first round of submissions for my first novel. Truth be told, it probably wasn't my best piece, and shame on me for submitting less than the best work I can do. But it was one of my first forays into the literary journal world, and thus a learning experience.

To keep any of my faithful blog readers (if I have any) up to date: I currently have 2 stories submitted to Glimmertrain, and a poem submitted to Ploughshares. This on top of the queries out for novel #2 (Caldera), including a partial request I'm waiting to hear back on. And the one outstanding query for novel #1 (Spectacle), based on a referral. (Oh, and I also have a query out to a publisher, but I think that may be lost in the e-query system, so I'm not holding my breath.)

Novel #3, affectionly known only as "Blink" is almost through its first draft stage, which means I'm 65.5K words into it and am wrapping up the plot.

I'm also searching for a home for another short, and as soon as I find the right one, it's out of here. The rejected short probably needs work, so it'll sit on my harddrive until I can figure out where it went wrong. (I'm not saying that after one rejection you should re-write any manuscript. I just know it's missing something important.)

This past week, I've been a slug. I promised myself at least 500 words a day, and up until now I've been right on track. My only excuse is the holidays are distracting me. (And the truth is, I've been watching too damn much TV again.) Now, tonight, I have a x-mas party to attend, and so that pretty much washes out tonight's 500 as well.

Such is the life of a SAHM, writer and wife.

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