Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action has arrived, stop thinking and go in.
- Napoleon

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sabbatical of Sorts

I finally broke down and admitted that I'm not in the frame of mind to write right now. So I gave myself permission to take a sabbatical from my work. Not that I'm taking a sabbatical from everything writerly, mind you. I just started sending out submission materials for RTL. I'm not stopping that. I will also be here on the blog, and visiting other writerly blogs, and networking with people around the net.

If this year is anything like last year, I should be raring to go again soon. Think of it as a vacation. Normal working people get vacations sometimes, right? (Except when I was a normal working person, I never took mine... so I feel guilty about taking one now.) I need this time away. My well is parched, my muse is off lollygagging, and the ol' brain is a wee bit on the thin side right now. I need Spring to send it's warm fingers through the earth; I need to see the crocuses and hyacinths poking through the ground. I need my dormant writing to awaken in the warmth of the year. (Actually, I need it to reawaken right now, but I can't seem to force it to do anything. It's like a teenager being told to clean her room. Ack.)

Like I said, I'll still be here - just don't expect to see the progress meters move any time soon. (Unless I put in a progress meter for the blanket I'm crocheting. That's about the only thing I'm achieving these days.)

How're things in your world? Working hard, or hardly working?

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Sean Ashby said...

I understand that many countries in Europe are given 28 to 30 days a year vacation by law. And I've known plenty of Australians taking off work for a month to go wander the world. Here in the US? We get 10 days, and we feel guilty when we take even that!

I'm with you. I think every profession could stand a month or two away a year...