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- Napoleon

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Not that kind of fin, although now I have that Jimmy Buffett song stuck in my head, tyvm. Fin as in the Latin word for end. I finally finished the edit of Blink! Okay, so it's still with my CP who's making some minor crits and sending it back (which I then have to change, so I guess I'm not completely done).


It's done as far as anything major. At this stage of the game, my CP rarely finds anything major for me to change. Yay. Did I mention how much I love my CP?

Now that I'm done with that, I can start editing RTL. No breaks allowed. There's too much work to do. Or in the words of my wonderful spouse: "I'll rest when I'm dead."

Plus, the next stage of work begins for Blink. That's right, folks, prepping query packets! Part of today was spent blurbing, and researching agents, and getting the new query letter ready for customizing for each potential agent. Fun fun fun. I already have one I think will really love the book. (We'll see if he thinks the same after he gets the query.)

Which brings me around to my usual genre quandry. I really don't know what genre this sucker fits into. It could be literary. It could be 'speculative fiction'. It may even be soft SF. I'd really like for it to be commercial. Love to see Mary and Daniel up on the bigscreen one day. But it's probably not going to happen. It does have some really great action scenes, but... no vampires. *heavy sigh* Of course, they did make a movie (or several) out of Fahrenheit 451, so it's not totally out of the question, but still...

In case you missed it earlier, Blink is set in a dystopia of the distant future. The city where it takes place may be the only city left in the world, but since :cue villian music: the Union controls all the information and no one is allowed to leave the city, no one knows for certain. That's where Mary comes in. She's chosen by a mysterious underground group called the Order to escape from the city and find the answers to whether they're alone or there are still rational people left in the world. Insert the dashing ex-Captain of the Union's special guard as her soul protector, throw in a little romance and a little intrigue, and you've got Blink - short for :drumroll: Blink of an I (that phrase is mine, so back off). I'd tell you more, but then I'd have to kill you.

The official (and yet not quite set in stone) one-line blurb is:
When a lower-caste woman is chosen for a mission to escape confines of her city and go beyond the wastelands, she never imagines she’ll wind up back home, fighting for her life and for the freedom of her fellow citizens—whether they want to be free or not.

The longer version goes something like this:
Mary Jones has always been nothing special. In the caste system of her home, she lives her life one step above the bottom tier. But when a secret group known as the Order finds her, she discovers she’s more special than she would have ever realized. For decades, the Order has lived to keep knowledge alive in a city where the Union has made ignorance not only preferable but also the law. The Order’s only hope is to prove rational men still exist somewhere outside the city. After years of trying to escape, not one person has made it out alive. When they encounter Mary, they see a chance for success where so many others have failed. Mary’s only task is to find others who may still be free in the world beyond the wastelands, but she has plans of her own. She’ll see her city free from the Union’s control, or die trying.

Look for it at a bookstore near you sometime in the near future. :crosses fingers and toes and eyes, throws salt over one shoulder, rubs a redhead and a buddha belly, avoids black cats and ladders... you get the drift:

Onward to adventure, my friend!

Or something like that.


WordVixen said...

Thank dog! When I saw a simple title like "Fin", I immediately imagined the worst. "She's just seen an artsy french film that depressed her so much she decided to quit her blog and hitch hike across New Zealand!".

Yeah. With my imagination, is it any wonder I write?

Travis Erwin said...

Congrats on your "Fin"esse. Finishing always feels good.

KeVin K. said...

Congratulations on finning.

I'll be sure all the movie producers I know are aware of the cinematic block-buster potential of your novel. (This would be more useful if I actually knew any movie producers.)

Onward to adventure!