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- Napoleon

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Movies that make me cry

There must be something in the air today. It seems like the television execs has conspired to put some real tearjerkers on, and I'm a sucker for movies that make me cry. In honor of whatever event has caused this programming melancholy, I've decided to give you a list of movies that make me ball like a baby.

1) Big Fish (This is the #1 tearjerker of all time for me. By the end, I'm weeping uncontrollably.)
2) Steel Magnolias. (I've seen it so many times now, I start crying at the beginning.)
3) Always (This movie tears me up. It was on today and I couldn't watch it all.)
4) Showboat (This one was on today, too. I watched most of it and sat crying on the couch.)
5) Parenthood (But it's a happy crying... really.)
6) Where the Red Fern Grows (The book is better. I think having read the book makes me cry more during the movie.)
7) Gladiator (but only the end.)
8) Lady Hawke (In this case, I'm just so damn happy, I can't help but cry.)

(I'm sure there are more, but this is all I can think of right off the top of my head.)

Don't get me wrong. I like crying sometimes - it cleans out the pipes and puts me in a better frame of mind. Everyone should try it sometimes. Any movies that make you cry?

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ChumleyK said...

The Notebook makes me cry just about every time I see it. I'm a sap for love stories though - it doesn't even have to be a romantic movie, if there is a love theme, I will probably cry over it!