Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action has arrived, stop thinking and go in.
- Napoleon

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Weekend Update

I'm planning on this being a working weekend, and I have too much to do for it not to be.

The good news is: I'm finally finished with the tweaks to AWJ and have begun adding new words. Managed to crank out over 1300 last night. Another 500 and some words and I'll be over 40% completed on the first draft. I'll be back to work on AWJ on Monday, so I should be able to reach that no problem.

This weekend will be devoted to finishing this round of edits on Blink. With only seven more chapters to tweak, I don't anticipate that goal will be unrealistic. And unless something drastic happens, I should be finished with the final draft by the end of the month - even if I have to push back the expected first draft completion of AWJ. I can smell the finish line for Blink, so it's worth it.

When Blink is finished, I'll put out a post asking for beta readers. Blink is unlike my other novels to this point, and I'll be going into that more in the post. Heck, I can't even pigeon-hole it into a genre yet. But if you've enjoyed my writing so far - either from this blog or from the things I've shared with you personally, you'll love Blink as much as I do.

Now, I have the whole house to myself, so I'd best put it to good use... :whipcrack:

(Which reminds me of a song I heard in the animated version of Tolkien's Return of the King... "Where there's a whip, there's a way..." Heh.)

ETA: Oh, and the bad news is... There is no bad news. =oD

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liz fenwick said...

WTG on the new words. It's sound like you have a good solid plan...excellant :-) Enjoy!