Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action has arrived, stop thinking and go in.
- Napoleon

Monday, February 19, 2007

Avoiding the Tag

There's an internet thing going around. You 'tag' someone and they have to tell ten little-known things about themselves. I'm pre-empting the tag by giving you these things here. (And Liz Fenwick can add me to her list of 'tagged' people if she wants to.)

  1. I used to do pointillism. (Art composed entirely of tiny dots of ink.)
  2. I stopped pointillism after my car accident because my hands have a tendency to shake when I'm doing fine precision work.
  3. I stopped plucking my eyebrows for the same reason. Something about holding sharp metal pointy-things near my eyes when my hands are shaking makes the necessity of shaped brows seem pointless.
  4. I got my first gray hair two weeks after I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. I still have it. It's taped inside my wallet.
  5. I'm the youngest of five kids.
  6. I was once tricked into eating dogfood. My siblings all pretended to eat a piece and then stood laughing while I ate mine.
  7. I once raised three baby starlings that I saved after they'd fallen out of their nests. That was when I learned wild things can't be kept. I thought I had given them everything they needed to survive. I forgot they needed their freedom. They all died.
  8. My nickname in High School was Bruno, but only amongst my closest friends. (I only remember two of their nicknames: Mags and Gonzo.)
  9. I threw my last band challenge in high school. (A band challenge was when someone wanted to move up a chair. They challenged the person above them to a sort of musical duel. If they won, they moved up and the loser moved down.) Anyway, I was first chair flute, and the guy next to me challenged me. I threw the match because I was graduating soon anyway, and he was such a nice guy. Besides, after he won, I got to play piccolo and since the piccolos always sat at the head of the flutes, I didn't lose my seat after all. =o)
  10. My first huge crush was on the manager of the first horse farm I worked at. He was an Israeli--drop dead gorgeous with an accent to melt your garters--twelve years my senior. I followed him around like a puppy and every word he spoke was golden. I was crushed when the feeling wasn't mutual. Last I heard, he was married and living in East Lansing.

There. Now you know some of the rest of the story. ;o)


liz fenwick said...

Thanks B.E. I enjoyed that. Loved the tale of the BIG crush :-)

Therese said...

These are such fun to read. I loved your crush tale too!

And the band challenge--we didn't have those in my h.s. band. Our chair position was appointed, isn't that odd? Must be our band director had amazing powers of observation! I didn't care--I was section leader my junior and senior years. :-)