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Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Great CP Search

Diana Peterfreund, although she doesn't realize it, talked me into looking for a Crit Partner. Hell, she doesn't even know me, and she talked me into it. And that's saying something.

So, according to Diana, looking for a CP is kinda like looking for a mate. I spent a really really really long time looking for my husband, so I don't anticipate this to be a short process. I was very picky then, and I'll probably be just as picky now. If you're looking for a CP, picky is the best way to go. You don't want someone who isn't compatible giving you suggestions about your work. Seriously. I put a long time into writing a book... I'm sure as hell not going to rush the CP thing.

To that end, if you're looking for a CP, please take the time to read through my blog posts. If I sound like someone you'd want to read and someone you'd like reading your work, me a line. I'm opinionated, but I'm not bitchy. (Well, most of the time... It depends on the person.) I'm honest, sometimes brutally so, but I'm not honest to be cruel. If I think your work truly sucks, I'll tell you in the nicest way possible. I expect the same in a CP. Otherwise, be prepared to have me point out flaws, suggest wording, and ask questions. Probably lots of questions.

I write in spurts, but I'm not looking for someone who'll read as I go. That would be too cruel. I change a lot along the way. I have a completed manuscript that probably needs a fresh set of eyes (namely Caldera) and I'm pretty much hoping that whoever I find has about the same. It's a thriller. Here's the blurb from my query letter (ya, ya it needs work, I know I know):

Beneath Yellowstone National Park simmers a volcano 2400 times more powerful than Mount St. Helens. Dr. Mykaela “Myke" Hughes knows it will erupt before the year is over, and she has a plan to avert the destruction—if she can secure the government's blessing, if she can enlist the aid of one taciturn park ranger, and if she can foil an eco-terrorist's plot to protect nature at any cost. With all the 'ifs' confronting her, one thing is certain—the volcano will erupt. The matter at hand is how devastating that eruption is allowed to be. Time is running out, not only for Myke Hughes, but for us all.

If it sounds interesting to you and you're ready to swap chapters, email me at the above address. (ETA: I guess I'm the only one who sees my e-mail addy at the top of my blog. D'OH! Leave a comment and I'll get back to you. Sorry about that.)

Negative people who write books with a crappy sense of life need not apply. We wouldn't work well together. Also, if you seriously disagree with anything you read in this blog, think hard before offering to beta. I weave a lot of thought and philosophy into my books. Additionally, if you're a capital E environmentalist... Umm... Your time would be better spent elsewhere. As the blurb states, the villian is an eco-terrorist (aka rabid environmentalist with a capital E).

Now, if I haven't completely scared everyone away... I'm game if you are.

(And to the one person who offered to beta for me, if you've read this and are still interested, email me and we'll talk.)

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Alex Adams said...

I'm interested, and I'm looking for a good CP too! I also read a great deal in your genre. My e-mail address is in my profile.